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About Us

Natures Remedies Ltd is focused on developing and delivering effective products to assist in weight management. Its herbal formulation in the diet aids Zotrim Plus is used by millions of customers worldwide. Natures Remedies Ltd, together with the Danish inventors behind My-gene-diet now bring this revolutionary new product to you.

Our expertise covers medicine, nutrition, genetics, diagnostics, weight management, exercise and personal coaching.

The people involved in My-gene-diet are:

Dr Lasse Hessel. Medical Director of Natures Remedies Ltd and co-inventor of My-gene-diet.

Lasse is a Danish medical doctor, researcher and inventor who has been at the forefront of developing products and giving advice on weight management throughout his career. He was the author of ‘Healthy and Slim’ a best-selling book in Scandinavia and for many years was the ‘Family Doctor’ writer for the New York Times. He invented the plant extract formulation used in the highly effective slimming aid ‘Zotrim’ and led the team which developed My-gene-diet.

Ulf Christensen. PentaBase ApS.

Ulf is an expert in genetic analysis and is the inventor of the highly accurate genetic analysis system on which My-gene-diet is based. He and his team at Pentabase in Odense undertake all genetic analysis on behalf of My-gene-diet.

Dr Trevor Jarman. CEO of Natures Remedies Ltd.

Trevor has been involved in key developments in weight management and in genetic analysis. He was co-founder of Alizyme plc which focused on developing drugs for obesity. He is the founder of PNA Diagnostics which brought new techniques to gene analysis. He is CEO of Natures Remedies Ltd, manufacturer of slimming aid Zotrim that has brought My-gene-diet to the UK market.

Laura Williams. Diet and Fitness Advisor, Natures Remedies Ltd.

Laura is one of the UK’s leading personal trainers who, following a successful change in her own lifestyle, takes a hands on approach to helping others. Her qualifications and experience in exercise, nutrition and weight management have been incorporated into the My-gene-diet approach and Laura leads the team of My-gene-diet personal advisors.

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