Zotrim Plus – Up to 30 Day Supply

Zotrim Plus – Up to 30 Day Supply
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More Effective than Zotrim Pills

Just like Zotrim, Zotrim Plus is backed by its own clinical study proving it works. In fact, the study found that people taking Zotrim drink with added fibre ate 200 fewer calories (26% less) at a meal. When taking Zotrim alone they ate 112 fewer calories (17% less)1.

This means that the added fibre in Zotrim Plus actually increases the effect of the Zotrim formula.

With Zotrim Plus, not only will you be gaining important added fibre to your diet, but you’ll also experience even greater control over your eating, increasing your slimming success.

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Brand: Zotrim

Product code: ZOTRIMPLUS30

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