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What will I receive after purchase?

You will be sent a swab, a stabiliser capsule, a return tube, full instructions, a short questionnaire and a return addresses envelope. You will need to bear the cost of postage to return your swab.

How do I take the sample?

At least 30 minutes after eating and drinking you rinse your mouth with water and then stroke the supplied swab firmly on the inside of you cheek for at least 20 seconds. This ensures the collection of sufficient cells from your buccal mucosa for the genetic test. The end of the swab is then returned to the tube, the stabiliser capsule inserted and the tube capped ready for return.

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How long before I get the results and report?

You should receive your results and your report in PDF form via email within three weeks of returning your sample. If you have ordered a hard copy of the report, this could take one week extra to get to you.

How many genes will be analysed?

We will analyse for the eight variations in five genes as stated.

In the FTO gene test we analyse for three separate variations in this gene only.

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What else might the test reveal?

The eight variations in the five genes we analyse are very specific and will only give information relating to likely impact on body weight, diet and exercise. The analysis does not yield any other information.

What happens to the sample after analysis?

The sample will be securely stored in the processing laboratory for up to 30 days following analysis. This allows for any repeat analysis should this be necessary. It will then be safely destroyed.

Am I ensured confidentiality?

Yes, your data will be saved onto secure databases and only used for the purposes stated.

Could my children have the same gene variations as me?

Yes, but that is not certain. You have two copies of each gene, one from each of your parents. Only one of these copies then gets passed to your children, their other copy coming from your partner. So, there is a 50/50 chance of each one of your gene variations being passed to your offspring.

How long is the report I receive?

The full My-gene-diet report will be about 20 pages long and will contain the results of your genetic analysis, and dietary and exercise advice based on the analysis.

The FTO gene test report is up to 10 pages long and, if you have variations in the FTO gene, it will recommend how you can counteract them.

Will you recommend a precise diet?

In the full My-gene-diet test we give you targets on the percentage of carbohydrate, protein and fat in your diet and general advice on the types of food you could eat to achieve these targets. We then give you examples of suitable meals for three days.

What if I do not understand something in the report?

Please contact us with any questions at info@my-gene-diet.com.

Is any follow-up advice available?

You can purchase follow up sessions via telephone and email with our team of personal trainers. This will give you personal targets and one month of diet and exercise advice.

What if I change my mind about purchase?

You are free to change your mind right up until you mail the sample back to us. We will refund you in full if you inform us of your change of mind by email or in writing within 7 days of placing your order. Any equipment that has been received by you should be returned immediately.