My-gene-diet is once in a lifetime diet, one in a lifetime change

Patented Danish technology tests gene variations that impact on diet, exercise & weight mana

November 2012: According to a recent report by Mintel looking at diet trends, seven in ten consumers have tried to lose or maintain their weight, and over half of Britons have attempted to slim down in the last year (1). It’s no surprise we’ll try any diet fad going whether it be the Cambridge, Dukan or Atkins in a desperate attempt to shed the pounds. In the UK an estimated 60.8% of adults and 31.1% of children are overweight (2). But finally there’s a diet that actually works! My-gene-diet tests the gene variations, which have the greatest impact on diet, exercise and weight management and recommends the diet type likely to work best for you. This is the first genetic diet test to be offered direct to consumers and is a revolutionary new way to help fight the flab this year!

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