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1. Genetic Test, Diet and Exercise Advice

What's involved: We send you a simple mouth swab and ask you to complete a short questionnaire and return both to us. We then test the sample for eight gene variations whose combinations are further analysed by our experts using our patented technology.

My-gene-diet Test Kit

What You Get:

  • An easy-to-follow, at-home swab test.
  • A personalised report giving the results of eight possible genetic variations and feedback of the known effects of these variations.
  • A personalised diet plan based on your results.
  • A personalised exercise plan based on your results.
  • A follow-up with one of our highly experienced team to run through your results.
  • Complimentary one-month supply of Zotrim, our bestselling diet aid, to help you get started on your tailor-made plan.

BUY NOW: £149.00

  • Your sample will be destroyed once the analysis has been completed. We will not store your personal data once you have confirmed receipt of your report. We guarantee that all information about you is treated confidentially and used only for the intended purpose.
  • Results will be sent to you within 21 days.

» Download instructions for using the swab here...

2. FTO Gene Test

In this option we test for three variations in the FTO gene. Variations in the FTO gene are common in the population and greatly increase the chance of being overweight. If you have FTO variations we recommend the best ways of combating them for effective weight management.

FTO Swab Test Kit

What You Get:

  • An easy-to-follow, at-home swab test.
  • A personalised report giving the results of three possible genetic variations in the FTO gene.
  • Feedback on the known effects of these variations.
  • Five key recommendations on how you can counteract the effects of these variations.

BUY NOW: £80.00

3. The My-gene-diet Personal Trainer Package

Laura Williams

Based on your My-gene-diet results and your current lifestyle, our advisory team, led by leading personal trainer Laura Williams, will devise an action plan especially for you to help you to make the right lifestyle changes based on your gene analysis.

The package includes:

  • Telephone consultation to discuss your gene variation results; your goals; likes and dislikes.
  • Identifying how to incorporate your results into a workable diet and exercise routine.
  • Personalised action plan following the above.
  • Weekly progress tracking with the team for four weeks.

BUY NOW: £175.00

Introductory Offer:
Purchase this together with the My-gene-diet test for a saving of £25

Personal coaching with our experienced team will help get you started. With an easy-to-follow action plan, along with regular contact with our team, making healthy, long-lasting lifestyle changes has never been easier.

4. Diet Aids

As you change to a new diet and cut calories you may need some help to keep you 'on track'. We recommend you use our top-selling diet aid Zotrim to help you through this period. It has excellent evidence of helping to reduce calorie intake and to assist in weight loss.

Zotrim is available in tablet form and in a drink mix called Zotrim Plus. Zotrim Plus gives the added benefit of providing 20% of your recommended intake of dietary fibre per sachet which is very relevant as you cut food intake, especially on low carbohydrate diets.

We suggest you take one Zotrim Plus in the morning and then a dose of three tablets of Zotrim before your two other main meals.